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Self Paced Modules

Join us on our Community for instructional courses, teacher lead discourse, and tips and tricks from hundreds of our community educators. Access to the community is free, with courses starting as low as $12/course!

Benefits of Virtual Learning with Kodo Community:

  • Offered on an asynchronous schedule
  • Online portal allows learners to complete self-paced modules
  • Collaboration with a Kodo professional development specialist and others within the course discussion forums
  • Active/reflective learning through discussion board questions and independent play sessions
  • Continued support through a professional learning community (PLC)

The Kodo Crew

We are a team of driven individuals motivated to make a difference in our lives and those who we affect with our products and interactions. Through the collaboration of all of our people, we drive a company, which obsessively reaches to change the future. Together we create awe-inspiring opportunities for children, teachers, and parents to learn, educate, and understand the basis of education and the foundation of knowledge.

Gabrielle DeLoach

Director of Professional Development

Gabriella Hall

Professional Development Specialist 


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